We are Foxlake, an independent outdoor adventure company based in the beautiful Dunbar, East Lothian. Established in 2012, Foxlake has been responsible for introducing Cable Wakeboarding to Scotland and building the first ever Ropes course over water in the UK.

Our brand new site is the stunning City Quay, located in the heart of Dundee. Foxlake Dundee will (we hope) become an exciting new addition to the growing number of ventures and developments located along the city’s waterfront.


We at Foxlake love the outdoors, we love the water and most of all we all love an adventure. Foxlake Dundee will bring an exciting new era of water sports and activities to the city centre, creating a mini adventure on your doorstep.


We are hoping to be open for the summer of 2017, with Cable Wakeboarding, Ringo Rides and Stand Up Paddleboarding forming our 3 core activities. Our long-term aim is to also create a new ropes course, constructed over the water at City Quay.

Our facilities on site will include our shop and reception building, male/female/disabled toilet facilities, male and female changing along with welcoming space along the quayside to sit with a coffee and enjoy watching the action on the water.


Our plan is to be open for the majority of the year, operating from 9am to 9pm during our peak times in the summer months. Foxlake Dundee will be an inclusive environment where participants of all ages and abilities will feel welcome to take part and spectate. Foxlake Dundee will also run a number of programmes in collaboration with local schools, voluntary organisations and colleges.


Cable wakeboarding is the world’s fastest growing watersport, using an overhead cable which pulls you over the surface of the lake with a feel similar to surfing or snowboarding but on water.

Ringo rides

Ringo rides are mega fun, groups of participants can take turns of tearing up and down the dock on our big Ringo inflatables, feeling every bump and splash along the way. Great addition to any party!

stand up paddle

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the coolest new additions to the water sports world. What better way to explore City Quay, keep fit and have fun, all at the same time! All safety equipment and boards provided.


How many people / cars will visit each day?

During our peak days in summer this year, we expect a maximum of around 100 visitors per day, over a 12 hour period. We will be encouraging all of our participants and customers to park at the Olympia Car Park to alleviate traffic concerns at City Quay.

What will your opening hours be?

During the summer season Foxlake Dundee will be open 7 days a week and our normal opening hours will be from 9am to 9pm. In the spring and autumn we will be open 6 days a week and the winter season 2 days a week.

Is the Wakeboard Cable Tow noisy?

It is extremely quiet. The loudest noise coming for our facility will be people having fun, which will be quieter than any passing cars.

Does the wakeboard cable tow damage the environment?

The cable systems are environmentally friendly as they run quietly, do not pollute the environment and can be dis-mantled without leaving behind any waste. They are driven by a small electric motor. The movement of the wakeboarders, actually helps to oxygenate the water and improve the aquatic environment.

How do you know if the water is clean?

We will be monitoring and testing the water quality on a monthly basis. The results from the test will be displayed in and around our site. The water will be tested to the EU bathing standards.

What will your Hub Building look like?

The plans for our hub buildings can be viewed above. The buildings will house our shop, reception, office, changing facilities, showers, toilets and disabled toilets.

What are your timelines for opening?

We are hoping to be open for Summer 2017, more details on opening timelines will follow.

Will you employ local people?

We are aiming to employ approximately 8 people in year one, our long term aim is to employ in excess of 20 full-time and part-time staff. We are looking for local people who have an interest in outdoor activities, the delivery of excellent customer service and that are passionate about working with people.

What kind of training do the staff get?

Foxlake Dundee will take immense pride in our staff training and continued professional development. Foxlake Dundee will be accredited to the National Governing Bodies (NGB) for wakebarding (British Waterski and Wakeboard/Waterski & Wakeboard Scotland) and , in 2018, the European Ropes Course Association. The accreditation for both NGBs incorporates independent assessment and training from industry experts and master trainers.


All our staff will be advanced first aid trained with valid PVG Scheme memberships and will hold valid Safeguarding and Protecting Children qualifications. Foxlake Dundee will also have Lifeguards, UKCC Level 1 and 2 Coaches operating and coaching on the cables.

How will Foxlake Dundee benefit the community?

We will be providing a quality outdoor environment, which will cater for the whole community and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for all who use it.

We will be providing long-term training and employment opportunities for young people in Dundee. Foxlake Dundee will provide sports development opportunities for young people to engage in alternative sports activities in a safe and welcoming environment diverting them away from anti-social behavior. We will be promoting the benefits of the outdoor environment and providing a positive experience for young people.

Foxlake Dundee will also be engaging with local schools and community groups to deliver social programmes, already developed and delivered at Foxlake Dunbar.


At Foxlake Dundee, we fully intend on playing our part in alleviating any concerns raised locally regarding increased parking and traffic. With this in mind, we will be advising all of our customers to park at the Olympia Car Park. We will also be actively promoting the use of public transport.

Age/weight restrictions

For wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding, participants must be at least 6 years+ and confident on the water.  We do not have weight restrictions for wakeboarding or Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Are there similar wakeboarding facilities in other cities located in the UK?

Cable wakeparks have been created in dockland areas in a number of major cities in the UK and Ireland including London, Liverpool (Foxlake sister site), Manchester, Dublin and Belfast. All of the aforementioned facilities successfully co-exist with local business and residents!


Foxlake Dundee will be located on the west dock wall at City Quay, utilising the body of water immediately in front of the Foxlake buildings and to the west of the pedestrian foot bridge. Customers/participants will be advised to park in the Olympia Car park.


01620 860 657