We offer a number of different options for Corporate Groups that reflect group size, budget and any potential aim & objectives you may have for the session. Starting from as low as £15 per person.

We have a proven track record in delivering a mixture of our core activities from Wakeboarding, Ringo Rides or Stand Up Paddleboarding and ensuring that everyone leaves with big smiles



Pay&Wake – £25.00 per session

SUP – £15.00 per session

Small Ringo – £25.00 per session

Big Ringo – £30.00 per session



Ringo Information : Ringo sessions last 15 minutes, large groups swap on and off in this 15 minute session.

Big Ringo – 3 adults at one time, max 8 adults in a 15 minute session.

Small Ringo – 2 adults at one time, max 6 people in a 15 minute session.


For more information on our Corporate Packages please contact info@foxlakedundee.co.uk or 01382 214 484

Our location, at the heart of the Dundee City waterfront, provides organisations with an accessible and unique facility offering activities for a wide range of ages and abilities, all on your doorstep. With local restaurants and hotels within walking distance, your company has the flexibility to combine our activities on the water with meetings and/or catering in one area of the city.

Check out the map below to see restaurants/hotels are near by for before our after you time with us.

FOR BOOKINGS CALL 01382 21 4484